Canyon Hills Worship Releases Live Album All To Jesus

Seattle-based Worship team Canyon Hills Worship releases their new live album All To Jesus. Their fourth full length album features their new radio single “Every Season” along with nine other live tracks as well as live videos.

All To Jesus was produced by Michael Monroe, Andy Soemo, Stephen Pelatzky, David Neuman and was co-written by Michael Monroe, Koby Orr (Canyon Hills Worship) and Brandon Coker, Clay Finnesand (North Point Worship).

“Most of these songs were written at writing camps with our good friends Clay Finnesand and Brandon Coker from North Point Worship”, says Michael Monroe of Canyon Hills Worship. “They have become our constant collaborators. There’s something so special about writing with good friends. Getting to know the ins and outs of each other’s lives and walks with Jesus. These songs all came from a special place of honesty and vulnerability in those settings.”

The 10-song album showcases the live experience at Canyon Hills Community Church. The album also features live version of popular songs like “Mercy Of Jesus”, “Surrender” and “On and On.”

Our heart as a band has always been to write songs for our church. For the people that the Lord has entrusted to us to lead in worship. There is something so special about singing a new song all together in that room. This project was born out of a desire to continue singing new songs to the Lord at Canyon Hills. What a blessing it is to see these songs starting to impact people outside of our four walls.” – Michael Monroe, Canyon Hills Worship

All To Jesus Track listing:
1. Mercy Of Jesus – Live
2. Every Season – Live
3. Song Of My Salvation – Live
4. Surrender – Live
5. More Like Jesus – Live
6. Set Me On Fire – Live
7. Abide – Live
8. On And On – Live
9. Glory Hallelujah – Live
10. Every Season