News Headlines–4/12/2013

The College Station City Council has approved reducing the number of towing companies handling city calls from 30 to 2.  The council”s five to two vote awards Excel and A-1 Towing an estimated $385,000 in yearly business. This applies when the police department calls for a vehicle to be towed and when motorists don”t have a preference.  Changes approved by the Council means paying up to $250 dollars for a tow ordered by police or another city department, plus impound and storage fees.  The contract lets police use other wreckers when there”s too much business at one time, such as A&M home football weekends.  Eliminating the rotation system puts College Station in a club with A&M, the University of North Texas, and the Dallas suburbs of Plano and Frisco. The contract includes an annual review and can go as long as play pokies online three years.

Before the latest cold front moved through, mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus were detected north of Dallas.  It”s a subject on the minds of Bryan city officials. Cody Cravatt at the public works office says free mosquito dunks and plunks are available.  City staff will give homeowners associations up to two cases of the products and meet with H-O-A members on their proper use.

And, a Somerville man had to be life-flighted from Snook last night after his motorcycle hit a truck. 49-year-old Douglas Franks was traveling west on FM 60 when an eastbound truck, driven by 19-year-old Cecil Roberts of Waco, made a turn directly in front of it. The situation continues to be investigated. Roberts, who was driving with a suspended license, is in the Burleson County jail. Franks remains in the hospital with severe injuries.