Local News Headlines–4/10/2013

Current city regulations don’t allow tattoo parlors in downtown Bryan. 14 speakers at last night’s city council meeting asked the council to make an exception. During a workshop earlier in the day, the council directed the planning and zoning commission to consider changing Bryan’s zoning laws for the property at 26th and Sims.

Two Bryan companies have been chosen by the College Station Police Department to provide primary and secondary towing services.  The city council takes up the police department’s recommendations tomorrow evening. The council’s background information gives no specific reasons how police recommended giving Excel Towing the primary contract and A-1 Towing the secondary contract.  Eight companies were reviewed, among other things, for their rates and expenses, safety record, reputation, and references. The city towing contract would replace a rotation system when motorists don’t have a preference and when required by the police and other city departments. The council is also considering changing a city ordinance that will allow all wrecker companies to determine fees based on local market conditions, as long as they do not exceed any maximum set by state law.

And, Bluebonnets, Indian Red Paint, buttercups, and daisies have exploded along the sides and medians of state highways.  Law enforcement wants you to be safe when stopping to take in the spring colors.  D-P-S trooper Jimmy Morgan says when pulling over to take pictures, especially on busy highways, to take a few precautions.  He advises drivers to pull as far off the shoulder as possible and park going up an incline and not the downhill side of the road.  Morgan suggests parents search for fire ants and rattlesnakes before sending children out in the fields of flowers.  He also invites motorists to check out less busy farm to market roads.