Local News Headlines–7/18/2016

The Bryan city council presented of two civilian service citations at its last meeting. The honors recognized actions that were taken in response to accidents last month. Fire Chief Randy McGregor thanked the private citizens and Mayor Jason Bienski presented the citations. Matthew Winn was recognized for saving the life of a neighbor who was injured in a home accident. And, recognition was also given to Doctor Lauren Steffen for providing C-P-R to a driver involved in a crash who had no pulse.

College Station School District administrators are standing by the process of how land was sold last month. That’s after a second interested buyer whose bid was rejected requested the transaction be placed on tomorrow’s school board meeting agenda. The allegations come from the owner of The Barracks development, located next to the land the board sold to the other bidder, D-W-S Development. Heath Phillips claims the D-W-S bid is defective because his competitor failed to disclose prior business with the district, which the district says was a prior transaction that was proposed but was never executed. Phillips also says D-W-S has employed the law firm that includes board vice-president Jeff Harris. Responses from the district and Harris state Harris did not participate in any board deliberations or votes related to selling the land. Administrators also pointed out Phillips sought to purchase the land, but he was told the district would be soliciting bids. Four other members of the C-S-I-S-D board sold the land for $3.3-million to D-W-S. Phillips submitted two bids, one for $2.5-million that met the board’s desire to close the sale this month; and a $4.1-million offer if closing was delayed until next March. The board’s vote to close on selling land this month was due to wanting the money to close on buying another piece of land for future construction.

Congress has started their summer break. Among the issues that remain unresolved is federal funding to address the Zika virus. Congressman Bill Flores says the House did their job by giving the Democrats the amount of money they wanted just not from the same funding sources. Congress returns to work the day after Labor Day, September 6th.

With no relief from summertime heat coming anytime soon and more people outside thanks to the Pokemon Go craze comes a reminder to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Deputy Bryan Fire Marshal William Bouse says to drink lots of water before as well as during outside activity. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include excessive sweating. Bouse says a red flag for heat stroke is when you’re having mental changes. Another symptom of heat stroke is when you stop perspiring.