Local News Headlines–7/8/2014

In two weeks, the Bryan school board will finalize what is now a $132-million bond issue for voters to consider this November.  More changes were announced by administrators during a workshop session yesterday.  Superintendent Tommy Wallis says that includes a new three story Stephen F. Austin classroom building between the gym and the civic auditorium which will free up space to consolidate administrative offices in the present S-F-A building.  The board also heard that Sul Ross Elementary will have a $16-million makeover that Doctor Wallis says will turn the campus into basically a new school. Anson Jones Elementary will get a $5.5-million facelift and Milam Elementary will become the new home of the Mary Catherine Harris alternative school. Discussion will continue during a financial workshop scheduled for next week and a vote is expected during the board’s next regular meeting on the 21st.

The Brazos County Commission has filed a lawsuit against a Washington D-C area corporation that has gone out of business before finishing new computer software for the local criminal justice system.  County Judge Duane Peters says AMCAD was paid $2.6-million. In addition to the lawsuit, the county is looking into whether they can collect from a $3-million errors and omission policy signed by AMCAD. The company was supposed to replace the county’s 14 year old software for connecting records of law enforcement, courts, and prosecutors. Peters says support service for the current system will continue for another year and a half. The judge also says department heads met yesterday and during today’s commission meeting a committee will be formed to consider future options.

And, in 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act. Yesterday the Bush Library received one of the largest private collections of memorabilia and artifacts related to the history of the disability rights and independent living movement in the United States. The collection belonged to Professor Lex Frieden of the University of Texas, who was among the leaders in developing the A-D-A.  Frieden is now leading a national research study to evaluate the impact of the A-D-A and to identify population group disparities related to employment, transportation, housing and community living.