Local News Headlines–7/23/2013

A judge in Houston is scheduled next week to consider a temporary injunction against the 12th Man Foundation from proceeding with charging more for longtime donors to keep their preferential seating and parking at Kyle Field.  The Houston Chronicle newspaper reports that is the latest chapter in a lawsuit filed against the foundation in December 2011 by Tom and Delma Tullos, who accuses the foundation of violating a 1994 agreement.  That suit has the support of an unspecified number of other donors.  They’re represented by another lawyer who told the newspaper they are primarily “old” Aggies in their 70’s and 80’s who gave significant sums of money to support A&M athletics when no one else would.  In court paperwork obtained by the newspaper, lawyers representing the Foundation deny they have violated the 1994 contract and that enforcing that agreement would range from impractical to impossible to unconscionable. The Chronicle also reports the foundation is also being sued by a second family whose parking was moved to a lot west of Wellborn Road.

Six weeks ago, the Bryan city council approved turning more than 160 acres on the west side into more than six hundred homes.  Tonight, the council considers preliminary approval turning another 50 acres into a mix of single and multi-family dwellings along with commercial buildings and open space.   Galindo Ranch is south of the 160 acre development.  The location is along West Villa Maria, south of the AutumnLakes and Shirewood developments and north of Traditions.

And, it’s been nearly three months since the unexpected death of College Station City Manager Frank Simpson.  It’s also less than a month until the city council starts reviewing applications for who will succeed him.  Residents are invited to let the council know what they want in the next city manager.  Councilman John Nichols says a survey website has been established to collect opinions.  College Station has had an interim city administration since the death of Frank Simpson nearly three months ago.  The survey is on the city’s website. The council is expected to select a new manager by the fall.