Local News Headlines–7/22/2013

B-T-U customers will be paying a share of building new electric transmission lines throughout the state.  General Manager Gary Miller recently told the city council the construction cost has been estimated at $7-billion.  The new transmission lines would bring electricity here from new wind energy farms in west and north Texas.  B-T-U’s share has not been determined and won’t be until after October first. But for future preparation, the B-T-U board has recommended adding a line item to customer statements showing what they will be paying for that construction. Miller says base rates will remain the same.  The council had no initial opposition to the recommendation to change billing statements to add a line item.

Next month, the College Station school board will consider what to place on a bond issue this November.  One possibility is a new aquatic center, something recently discussed by school officials and the city council. College Station Mayor Pro Tem Karl Mooney says he’s been approached by natatorium supporters since he was elected. The most expensive proposal calls for a 32 million dollar facility with operation costs of 500 thousand dollars a year.

And, in addition to finishing up special session business, state lawmakers are also hearing from candidates for statewide office.  Representative Kyle Kacal of rural College Station says it was an especially busy week.  Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made his formal announcement to run for Governor last week.  Kacal says he and his staff have also heard from the campaigns for lieutenant governor and attorney general.  Kacal and others continue to await the outcome of recommendations from a conference committee to work out a proposed constitutional amendment to provide more state highway money.