Local News Headlines–7/8/2013

As the City of Bryan prepares to make an action plan for government-supplied funds, community comments are welcome through the last Friday of the month.  Bryan Community Development Manager Alsie Bond says the comments and concerns help them to make sure that money will be spent in the best possible way for our area.  Bond says the grants are geared to serve special needs populations such as the elderly and low and moderate income families with a special emphasis on housing.

As university students begin to feel the effects of student loan interest rates that just doubled, Texas A&M is trying to do what it can to help out.  Executive Director for Scholarships and Financial Aid Delisa Falks says staff at the university are working hard and updating the websites to make sure students understand that there has been an increase in the rates, but also that there are thinking strategies that can help them in the long run.  Falks says it’s especially beneficial to count the costs ahead of time and really consider what would be spent on living arrangements and supplies and keep loans specific to school costs.  Falks says that although overall, this means that students will end up paying more for student loans, she doesn’t think it will deter interested students from going to college.

And, residents of smaller communities should be on the lookout for scammers posing as asphalt pavers.  Local Better Business Bureau President Bill McGuire says these scammers are very friendly, and they seem like the kind of people you’d want to work with.  McGuire says they are friendly, look professional, and use clean, new machines, but they’re just very good con men.  McGuire says don’t fall for it, even if the business cards and brochures say they’re recommended by the BBB and to call the BBB yourself if you have any doubts.