Local News Headlines–6/6/2013

A BrazosCounty jailer in charge of 64 inmates was fired and then arrested for inappropriate contact with a prisoner.  Sheriff Chris Kirk says an internal investigation began he was told pornographic pictures were being brought into the jail. Kirk says the inmate cooperated during the internal investigation.  36-year-old Laketh McKinney, Sr. of Bryan was arrested for sexual contact with a person in custody, which is also a civil rights violation.  McKinney, who worked at the jail for two years, was released after posting a $10,000 bond.  The sheriff says the inmate will not be charged with any crimes. Kirk also says they’re addressing security issues resulting from the incident and the inmate has been reclassified, but no charges will be filed.

The College Station and Bryan city councils are expected to take different directions after state lawmakers chose not to increase regulations on payday lending companies.  College Station Mayor Nancy Berry says they will wait for the next legislative session.  Bryan mayor Jason Bienski, who says payday lending will be reviewed in a future meeting, has heard from people who use those businesses who ask where they will go for loans if the businesses are not allowed to operate.  Bienski says being a pro-business person, he doesn’t like telling someone what they can and can’t do.  Bienski also says he’s not surprised the legislature didn’t consider additional restrictions.  Both mayors support the Bank on BrazosValley program that encourages those who use payday lenders to build savings accounts.

And, a College Station man is accused of stealing almost $5,000 from his grandmother last month.  20-year-old Christian Whiffen was arrested after his grandmother reported that she had found 15 withdrawals from her debit card on her bank statement.  She had given Whiffen the card to buy groceries for the house after her recent surgery.