Local News Headlines–5/21/2013

Bryan school board members are moving ahead with an expansion of the Rudder High School field house.  There were relatively few comments before the board unanimously approved a 7,000 square foot expansion, where the cost was pared down from $2.5-million to $1.8-million. There was plenty of discussion about proposed outdoor buildings that the board will consider later this summer.  David Stasny asked the consulting engineer why the price tag on new restrooms by the softball field is $312,000 and a concession building serving baseball, softball, and football $62,000 and was told those prices are consistant across the board across the state.  Two new press boxes would run $130,000 apiece, a baseball artificial infield another $130,000, and a practice softball field $75,000. The consultant and administrators were directed to look for more savings to get the price tag of all the athletic improvements within the $2.5-million remaining in bond funds reserved for that purpose.

The Brazos County Health Department reports the source of recent E.coli infections was ground beef served at a local restaurant.  Investigators believe five confirmed cases and five probable cases made up an isolated incident and is not an ongoing threat to public health. It is not known if the cause was due to improper temperature, improper cooking, or cross-contamination. The health department says the unidentified restaurant has been fully cooperative during the investigation. Control measures have been implemented to prevent further cases including, mandatory glove use by employees and continuous monitoring by the health department.

And, a Sunday morning fight in the yard of a Bryan home left one person hospitalized in critical condition.  Two suspects went to the home where a fight broke out with bats being used as weapons.  Officer Kelley McKethan says one of the two suspects who went to a home on West 27th near Brazos Street was taken by a private vehicle to St. Joseph.