Local News Headlines–5/16/2013

Yesterday’s law enforcement memorial service in Bryan/College Station had more significance than usual.   For the second time in its 26 year history, the local public safety community remembered one their own.  Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske honored murdered Constable Brian Bachmann.  Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk says we should take the opportunity to thank officers for their service and for doing a job that most are not willing to do.  Kirk also recognized the two Bryan firemen who died in February.

Bryan police say a Facebook post led to an altercation that resulted in a drive by shooting.  Officer Lori Berndt says no one was hurt and there was an arrest following the gunfire Tuesday night on Broadmoor just off Texas.  The Facebook post involved two women that confronted each other in the parking lot of Bryan Municipal Court.  23-year-old Felipe Tello Junior is accused of firing four shots at the victim’s car, containing the driver and three passengers.  Two bullets hit the front passenger door.  No one was hit by the gunfire. About two hours later, police arrested Tello for aggravated assault.

And, Congressman Bill Flores of Bryan is questioning the justice department’s decision to launch a criminal investigation into the I-R-S targeting of conservative groups.  Flores says that’s because of what he calls Attorney General Eric Holder’s past history of selective reviews.  Flores hopes the national media will continue to press the Obama administration for answers to this and other issues.  Flores says Congress will have to spend some time to determine if the Justice Department overreached its authority to find the identity of a mole.