Local News Headlines–5/9/2013

Brazos County and state health officials are still looking for the source of several E. Coli infections.  Doctor Eric Wilke of the Brazos County Health Department says the start of what he called a small outbreak began last week. Two children remain hospitalized in Houston with kidney complications.  The 18-month-old and a four-year-old, both from College Station, are in fair condition.  The infection was also confirmed in three college-aged patients who did not require hospitalization.  And, they are waiting for results of genetic tests of three others suspected of the infection.  No new cases have been reported following a check of local hospitals.  He is optimistic that there will be no additional patients even though they are still checking for new cases because the incubation period can take several days.  Wilke says the initial thought about the source of the infection, which is still being investigated and has not been confirmed, is contamination in the food supply chain and not something associated with a single restaurant.  Wilke has been told by state officials they are not aware of any cases outside of Brazos County.

It’s a gain for the Downtown Bryan Association and a loss for the Bryan School District.  The association’s new executive director is someone who is retiring from Bryan I-S-D.  Sandy Farris is leaving the district at the end of May to lead the non-profit organization.  Farris spent ten years as communications director, and before that she taught journalism at Bryan High for 20 years.

And, a record number of May graduates at Texas A&M combined with more athletic events than usual are expected to generate traffic volume this weekend the size of a home football weekend.  June Broughton at A&M Transportation Services says there is a graduation parking map available online.  More than 7,000 Aggies are involved in six commencement programs, three tomorrow and three on Saturday.  In addition, A&M is hosting baseball, tennis, and track.