Local News Headlines–4/22/2013

The City of West has announced how you can help as a volunteer or delivering relief supplies. The Westfest grounds will serve as the primary check in point for all donated goods and volunteers for the community. The Red Cross is among the agencies providing assistance.  One of the volunteers in West is Dan Halyburton of Dallas, who says victims are anxious to return to see what”s left after Wednesday night”s explosion.   Authorities continue to block access to the blast zone until completing their investigation.

Among the story angles following the fertilizer plant explosion in West is the plant”s close proximity to homes and schools.  State Representative Kyle Kacal of rural College Station, whose district includes West, hopes he can educate the public about the plant”s safety.  Kacal described the explosion as a “freak accident” and that the company does a fine job in its operation.  Kacal says with spring planting and recent rains, the plant was at full capacity at the time of the explosion.

The 60 reported missing from last week”s explosion in West have online casino list now been accounted for.  Yesterday events included letting a second group of residents see what”s left of their damaged homes. There”s no gas or water and electric is spotty.  Residents are being allowed back only under a curfew and strict warnings to not wander beyond their own yards.

And, it was a whirlwind week for a College Station woman whose fourth Boston Marathon included finishing the race 28 minutes before the bombs went off.  Lan Ly plans to return as often as she can.  She says what shocked her most was the feeling of elation and joy and wanting to celebrate, then having it all that taken away in a moment.