Local News Headlines–4/18/2013

A fertilizer plant explosion last night in West, north of Waco, has resulted in a still unreported number of deaths, more than 100 injuries, and the loss of more than 250 housing units.  D-P-S Trooper D-L Wilson says 50 to 75 homes are gone along with an apartment complex of 50 units and a nursing home with 133 beds. The explosion occurred during a fire at the plant.  The mayor of West said that six or seven firefighters were in the plant at the time of the explosion and they are not accounted for. As of midnight, Wilson says all who were injured had been transported to hospitals.  Remains of the fertilizer plant were still smoldering but firefighters were not allowed to return due to the continuing danger of nearby chemicals and ammonia tanks.

The second of the two Bryan firemen who received severe burns in the Knights of Columbus Hall fire has left a Galveston burn center.  Mitch Moran was discharged yesterday migliori casino online according to the Fire Department”s Facebook page.  Moran was transported to a nearby condo, where he will live while continuing daily therapy.  The Facebook post also thanked members of the Galveston Fire Department, who have been at the burn center watching over Moran and Ricky Mantey since the fire on February 15th.

And, in light of the recent murders in Kaufman County, the District Attorney in Brazos County isn”t going into much detail about extra steps to protect local officials. But, Jarvis Parsons says the Sheriff”s office is doing a good job.  Kim Williams was arrested early yesterday and is charged in the Kaufman County killings of assistant prosecutor and A&M graduate Mark Hasse, District Attorney Mike McLelland, and his wife, Cynthia.  The investigation has also focused on her husband, Eric Williams, whom McLelland and Hasse successfully prosecuted for theft.  Williams is being held on a $10-million bond.